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Burning Bush

About the design

🐑 Imagine Moses, a humble shepherd going about his daily routine, suddenly noticing a bush engulfed in flames yet not consumed. This sight alone would have been extraordinary, defying the laws of nature. 😲

🌳🔥 Then, as Moses drew nearer, he heard his name called out from the midst of the flames—not once, but twice. This would have been a moment of sheer astonishment and disbelief for Moses. Who or what could be speaking to him from within the burning bush? The voice revealed itself as the God of Moses' ancestors and commissioned Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, a monumental responsibility.

⛰️ This encounter marked the start of Moses' journey as a leader, prophet, and deliverer, shaping the destiny of his people.

The story of Moses encountering the burning bush offers the following reflections for our own lives:

  1. Awareness: While Moses experienced a direct encounter with God in the form of a burning bush, seeing God in our everyday lives often involves recognizing His presence in more subtle ways. 👀
  2. Openness: While we may not encounter burning bushes or hear audible voices, God's presence permeates every aspect of creation, inviting us to open our hearts and minds to recognize and embrace the divine in our everyday lives. 🚪
  3. Listening to God’s voice: Remember that God can speak to us in many ways and we should listen when we hear it, because God’s plans are much greater than our own. 🗣️